Back in September 2016, my mom (see title photo) who is a stage 5 Alzheimer’s Patient in a Nursing home here in our town, was Exploited for Political Gain. You see, my sister and I have Power of Attorney over her affairs and for her safety, we agreed to place her in a facility so she could be taken care of during the day. One of the toughest decisions in my life. Without getting too personal, she has many other health problems other than Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Back in September 2016 I was stopping by after work at the local Board of Elections to pick up Sample Ballots for the upcoming election. I learned that day that someone had gone into the nursing home where my mom is at and Illegally filled out an Absentee Ballot Request for her and many other patients. Mostly these were patients who had mental disabilities. The people filled out the form for her, without her knowledge or the family’s knowledge, got her birthday and last four of her social security number and put on form. Changed her from Republican to Democrat. Changed her address of record (which is my home), and put the nursing home. (Who knows what they had planned to do with the actual Ballot when it came in). When i started asking around, I found out that a Ms. Blue had came by and told the staff she was conduction a Voter Registration Drive. (pretty harmless huh). Ms. Blue even left a card (see pic)


saying she was from the Hoke County Democrat Party “Community Organizer”. You see, the Hoke County Democrat Party is run by a man by the name of Jim Davis. Mr. Davis is the former Sheriff of this county. I know he is the chairman as I was at a Hoke County Civic League (comprised of 23 minority churches in our area) meeting in September in a local church where he was recognized as Democrat Party Chairman and spoke for more than 10 minutes about how they were going to be in the churches and community getting people registered to vote and fundraising in the churches for the party. They needed the money to pay their rent on the Democrat Headquarters. He even said on radio that the Democrat Party was going to be putting Voting “Slates”, as they call them (I call them cheat sheets) in the churches. (They didn’t put any in my church or my friends churches). How do they know which churches are Democrat and which are Republican? Isn’t that a violation of church and state? Isn’t that an IRS problem? Don’t get me started on the local radio station and politics ! (but i’ll be glad to fill you in) First, only specified groups (approved by local Board of Elections) are suppose to go into Nursing Homes and do these things but they took it upon themselves to do it. Ms. Blue is also on the Payroll of one Commissioner James Leach Political Campaign Finance Report, who is running for re-election and will probably win, based on stacking the numbers. (see attached photo)


Mr. Leach is a Democrat and Preacher who has been on the board for 23 years. He narrowly won his primary bid back in March 2016. There were also some Absentee Ballots issues back in March that led to one board member resigning because nothing was being done when it was reported to the State Board of Elections. Ms. Blue back in March was witnessed hand carrying stacks of absentee ballots into a polling place on the last days during the primary election. A couple of days later I found out from a friend that Ms. Blue had also recently been in the other nursing home in the city doing the exact same thing and when the nursing home was notified, they caught her coming back in to try and collect up the actual ballots. Luckily, the director at that facility had contacted the local Board of Elections Director. Sounds kind of dirty doesn’t it ?  That’s because it is. The signature on the Absentee Ballot request doesn’t look like my moms and when i asked my mom if anyone had been in her room or talked to her about registering to vote or requesting an absentee ballot, she had no memory of it. Heck, she doesn’t even know who’s running or what year we are in and they took advantage of her. (or at least tried to-see video)

Mother Video About Voting

. They also did this to many other nursing home patients in our area and I have been told, they went into group homes too. How can anyone stoop so low as to do that to our seniors and to do that behind the backs of the family members? I reported the incident to the Local and State Board of Elections. I have been told, a  lot of the times, these things just get brushed under the rug. Probably a Very Dirty Rug !  

You can see stories below that have been written thus far about this situation with my mom. It is my hope that those responsible will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. NO ONE should ever prey on the elderly and then go around and telling people that they are for the elderly. SEE STORIES BELOW and PLEASE SHARE !

The News-Journal, Raeford, NC was the first to write about this: see more below


Voter Integrity Project did a 2nd article: Reaping Vulnerable Voters

Voter Integrity Project

The North State Journal did a story about this: Voter Fraud Complaints Issued in Hoke County

North State Journal

It is my Hope that No Family EVER has to have this happen to them.

APRIL 26, 2021

THIS IS THE HOKE DEMOCRAT PARTY! Taking advantage of Senior Citizens for VOTES is so low down and dirty but doing it behind the backs of families and to folks who suffer from Alzheimer’s or Dementia is the lowest! When are people in this community going to realize, they do not care about you! They care about votes, power, money, and greed. It has been going on for years here however, nothing ever seems to get done about it. Check last weeks, The News-Journal just so you can “check the facts” folks. Don’t believe me, check for yourself. Check out this story from Voter Integrity Project (                   ) and here on a blog I started in 2016 “Dirty Politics Exploiting Seniors”  (  ) just to make sure it is documented. What would you say if it happened to someone you love?  SMDH….sorry



IF YOU SUPPORT the Hoke Democrat Party…..this is what YOU SUPPORT !!